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Love to Taste

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4 original ways to play with herbs and flowers






"...sow in the Soul what will blossom in the
Mind and fructify in the Body".

Animism (from the Latin anima, "breath, spirit, life") is the belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.
Potentially, animism perceives all things: animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human labour and perhaps even words as animate and alive.
Plants have souls and this is not new, Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher, already held this view in his treatise:
On the Soul/Sull'anima.


Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim called
Paracelsus (1493-1541), physician and philosopher, alchemist, researcher and pioneer, believed that every plant had a soul, its own characteristics and unique healing powers and that the universe, the creator, had left signs to understand its essence and qualities!

Hence the 'SIGNATURA RERORUM' or Signature of Things.
There is a link, signalled precisely by an imprint or "signature" (sign),
that binds together things belonging to the same nature or having the same functions.
For this reason, a plant with parts resembling human organs would be useful to heal or support those organs.

The philosopher Gustav Theodor Fechner published a remarkable text:
Nanna - the Soul of Plants (1848) according to which:

"The whole of nature is animated, and by this animation nothing in the world, nor stone, nor wave, nor plant is excluded".

From these words we can understand that there is a correspondence between all things, because Nature is a single living organism,

made up of several parts, as is the human body.

By recognising the Soul in all things we recognise the intrinsic bond
that unites everything.

It is interesting to observe how the ancient physicians and alchemists
identified the properties of each plant.
The plant of the case was observed, seen, analysed in all its parts,
shape, colour, soil , season of flowering and even what happened at harvest time, with particular attention to emotions, thoughts and feelings, everything spoke to them of the Soul of the plant.
A work of great insight and observation.
Even in what is known as 'shamanic culture', the art of healing and contacting "other forces" typical of shamans, medicine men and
"curanderos", the soul plays an essential role.


Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices found on the planet and is an expression of animism.
It is a shared belief that every expression of Creation contains a spark of consciousness: the Soul.


Where there are men there is fire, where there is fire there is smoke,where the sacred smoke burns, there is harmony."
American Indian prayer.


Incense and perfume are two words of Latin origin that encapsulate the essence of the practice of smudging.

Incensum in fact simply means "lit" and designates any object that, once in contact with fire, continues to burn.

The second word, Profumo, parfume, literally means "through smoke".



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Perfume can be likened to Spirit or Ether.



Smudging Herbs and scented plants where first used and adopted by tribal and ancient cultures.

Smudging is a cleansing and protection ancient ritual,

that involves the burning of different herbs and resins, some awarness and love.


This practice is commonly associated with the Native American ceremonial practice, and people all over the world use traditional Native American herbs when smudging, especially white sage, cedar, tobacco and sweetgrass. 
These are very sacred medicinal plants, yet the tradition of burning plants for ritualistic or religious purposes has always been widespread throughout the world. 


I firmly believe that the territory in which we find ourselves gives us the tools we need. So you can make your own smudging herbs with the plants you have available. 


All herbs and flowers can be burned. 
All you need to do is to dry them properly and make bunches of them tied with a thread (white or red), which you light as shown in the picture above and leave to burn. 
Or you can, once they are dry, pulverise them with a mortar and burn them on a charcoal. 


I use an abalone shells while i perform this ceremony,

because it comes from the sea and represents the water element.
In fact, this ancient ritual involves all the elements. 
The plants that are daughters of the earth, the fire, the air that carries the smoke and the perfume and the shell symbolizing water. 

 Often one helps to direct the smoke with one, or more, feathers, another element representing air. 


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Another wonderful use that can be made of plants and flowers is:


Those of you who have already tried  know what I'm talking about! 
Taking a bath with herb and flowers ( I recommend adding rock salt to the bath water)

is not only deeply relaxing,

it is an immersion in the beauty and vitality of flowers!


Herbal baths are also energetically a tool to "cleanse", discharge and protect. 

How to prepare a herbal bath?

Pour the  flowers and herbs into 1 litre of cold water,
bring to the boil and

leave to infuse for 30 minutes, then filter.

Place the herbs in a cotton or linen bag .

Add the prepared infusion,

salt and flower petals (rose and lavender are recommended) to the bath water...and enjoy!

Use the cloth bag like a sponge, rubbing gently and wringing it out from time to time ( this can also be used in the shower. ).


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Spread out!

Yes, literally scattering plants and flowers along your path, in your home, in friends' homes, in the office! 
Large quantities are not necessary! 
For example, you can keep a handful of lavender in your pocket and every now and then, when needed, drop a few flowers on the ground - that's enough! 

Or you can make beauty! 
Works of art, mandalas, made from flowers, plants, stones!

Leave them in the place where you created them... so that whoever passes by will be delighted by their beauty! 






Picture  @ AnimaMundiHerbal


A candle is a bridge.

That is, something that carries messages between two dimensions. (at least two!) 
A candle can be charged,

it can be given a task,

a prayer, a message. 
And you can use symbols, oils and plants to connect it to the desired frequency.
( Simplified as much as possible! Because I have a motto: if you can't explain it simply, you haven't understood it well enough! ) 

Also for this practice you need to know what each plant symbolises.


A practical guide to the use of natural magic of herbs, flowers and fruits. 


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To learn how to make these beautiful candles, I recommend a tutorial: 

Pressed Flower Candle DIY (


I wish you a lot of fun! 
Spring is the ideal season for flowers! 

just let yourself be surrounded by their magic! 
Look at them, smell them, eat them, bathe in them, burn them, wear them, put them in your hair, admire them...and...

Share the Magic! 

Love to Taste - Amore q.b. 


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