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06-04-2021 18:33

Love to Taste


TOAST!Blessings all pon mi life and mi thank Godfi di journey, di earnings a jus fi di plus! Gratitude is a must...cit.






There is always a good reason for a toast, 
in this case let's toast to us! To life and to the future!

Today we are going to meet one of the most emblematic trees

in the popular magic tradition: The Elderberry! 
Which will make half of us think of Harry Potter and his very powerful magic wand!

I dare say that the writer's choice was not at all accidental! 

The elderberry in fact is considered a magical tree,  much loved by witches, who proclaimed November 25th as its feast day.


Elberry is the tree of the beginning and the end

and is said to offer protection to fairies.

The essence of the elder is changeable, elusive.

It carries the gifts of the nocturnal birds of prey,

whose sight is capable of penetrating the blackest darkness

to see the truth beyond the visible...tells the book.


What a wonderful tree! 

When blooms it is a white, soft cloud and Its flowers are simply delicious! 


picture @Lisa Frengosi Mum Cake


Elder tree is considered the tree of rebirth and has always been linked to the eternal cycle of life and death.

An enchanted tree, linked to myths and stories about witches,

fairies and nocturnal animals.

A spirit, dispenser of ancient wisdom ,that smells of sweet mystery.

Its powers are linked to the world of visions,

beyond time and space as we know them. 
A piece of elder bark in your pocket protects from any kind

of interference. 


A mysterious plant with a mystical magical aura, which produces snow-white, delicious flowers!  

The flowers are used to make a fresh, tasty and delicious drink:

Elderberry Champagne,
the result of  the fermentation of the flowers with sugar or honey and lemon. 

It is easy to make, a little less so to bottle. 




1 ½ litres Water (natural)
150 g Honey 
10 Elder flowers
2 Lemons


First pick the elder flowers and wash them under running water.


Take a large airtight jar and place the elder flowers in it, but not before removing the stems.


Separately, in a small saucepan, pour the honey and a few tablespoons of water and let it mix completely, stirring often.


Once the honey has cooled down, pour the water, honey,  the  juice of 1 lemon and half a sliced lemon   into the jar.


Close the container and place it in a well-lit place for a whole day, taking care to shake it every now and then with gentle movements.



The next day, with the help of a cotton cloth, filter the sparkling wine and decant it into bottles.


Once the sparkling wine is in the bottles, do not cork them completely for one day ,

but only place the cork on the bottle without letting air pass.


Once this day has passed, put the cork back in, at this point you will notice that the fermentation process begins.


Store the bottles in a cool place away from humidity.


After 15/20 days, your sparkling wine is ready .



For two or three days, remember to open the bottle at least once a day to prevent it from exploding during the fermentation process.


ElderberryChampagne  keeps well in dry places for 4 months.



picture: @ 

check them work....lovely!


Another easy and worthwhile recipe is fried elderflowers. 

It involves making a batter, of which there are many variations, dipping a whole elderflower in it and frying it in hot oil.

They are delicious! 

They can be sweetened or salted. 
I prefer them salted. 



400 g chickpea flour
Ice-cold sparkling water
oil for frying
kitchen paper 
sugar to taste 
salt to taste


Combine the chickpea flour and sparkling water in a large bowl. (The water must be very cold, the contrast between the cold mixture and the boiling oil makes the flowers crispier. )

Mix them together until you have a smooth, homogeneous

and fairly thick batter, cover and refrigerate. 

Wash the flowers and drain them. 

Heat the frying oil in a deep pan.
When the oil is hot, dip the flowers in the batter,

hold them by the stalks and dip them immediately in the oil. 

Fry them until they are golden brown,

then place them on absorbent paper. 

Add sugar or salt and eat them. 


Your life becomes charmed because 

the Elder tree, superstitiously nicknamed 

"Elder Queen" and "Good Mother" 

protects trees, fairies, and you from harm. 

You may draw strength from advice rooted 

in bonds with your mother or grandmother. 

Just as the pith when dipped in oil and burned can be lit and put to float in a glass of water, new light will be shed on a matter you are reflecting upon. As the Elder flowers of Spring depart as ripe, purple berries in the Gall, the significance of what you put in reveals what you might expect. A dream may bring a prediction, should you fall asleep under and Elder tree.



The circle will always turn afresh, change and creativity arising from the old and brining about the new. All is continuously linked as phases of life and experience repeat themselves in subtly different forms, leading always to renewal.

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