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Love to Taste

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If you don't have a Magic Wand find a Magic spoon...




Once again Welcome to Love to Taste' s blog !

As you enter this space you approach what is called: 

The Magic Kitchen.


A practice that aims to turn every dish into a magic potion with intent, by focusing on the energetic aspect of the food we eat.

Food contains much more than its constituent ingredients .

It contains emotions and intentions.

Have you ever noticed the difference on the same dish when cooked by a calm or angry cook? 


Love to taste brings you to observe the energetic aspect of food through a fun game that can involve the whole family.

A practice that brings our attention back to the value of small things, of ancient gestures, of traditions.

But be careful...sometimes it happens that playing,

magic becomes real!


This is an healthy approach, in which cooking becomes a magical gesture and every recipe a potion, in which the kitchen becomes

a sacred ,enchanted space, a domestic Temple,  where little is left to chance.

In this Kitchen, each ingredient tells a story and becomes a symbol, each utensil has a soul, and everything is skillfully orchestrated by the one who practices the art:

The Magic Chef.

Magic begins with you,

the intentions, the emotions and feelings of the cook determine the enchantment.

In fact, it is about cooking with the awareness that food can convey emotions and intentions and to know the symbolic value of ingredients.


We may want to prepare a protection dish,

perhaps before a trip or an important interview,

or an aphrodisiac dinner to revive a sleepy relationship,

we can cook a health dish to recover a flu,

or one who consoles when the heart asks for it.


In this practice each ingredient is used for its symbolic value: onion can help us to face a complex situation,

a chickpea soup to reconciliater with a relative,

a coffee can reveal secrets,

celery and rhubarb are the plants of our ancestors and  sustains us, strawberries remind us that we are ONE,

cherries strengthen unions..... and so on.


Of all the tools in this Kitchen, there is one that we cannot do without, the most important of all the tools of the magic chef, the Personal Spoon!
It is a simple object, common, present in all kitchens; the wooden spoon resulted in history very useful to mothers all around the world, also for educational purposes ! 

... well ...a Magic Chef can be defined as a kind of magician,

able to skillfully add ingredients, elements to create something good! The spoon is the equivalent of a magic wand.


Magic wands do not cast spells.

Spells come from the caster, not the wand.

Magic Wands are magical tools that have two main functions:.

1-To Focus Energy

2-To release it

A magic wand is an an energy focusing tool.

So is the Personal Spoon, an extension of the cook able to collect and concentrate energies, to release them on what it touches.

Our Spoon also seals the work, sanctions it, signs it.



Taken from the book: 


For trouble-free making…use your spoon while you’re cooking !


The personal spoon!

Every Magic Chef has at least one personal spoon!

Is what is called a "must"!
You must have it, absolutely.

It must be chosen with care, normally made of wood.

It is best to be not bulky in size, so it can be transported easily when needed.


We will use this spoon exclusively in the making

of our magic dishes,

ONLY for our magic cooking!

We will then store it,

carefully and safely.


This tool has the same power as a magic wand.

It is an extension of us, capable of transferring intentions.
Our personal spoon does the magic deed.
He signs it.
We will treat this item with great respect.



As recommended in the book it should be made of wood. 
You can decorate it to your liking, give it a name eventually,

mine is called Portento, I could not translate it with an english word, it defines something or someone who possesses exceptional qualities.
When it breaks you can replace it, some chefs like to have more than one.



Maybe one day someone will say: 

I was born with a magic spoon in my mouth! 

Why wood? 
It's not mandatory!

Any spoon that has value to you is fine! 
Wood is recommended because it is a natural material,

a piece of tree. 
The elemental composition of wood is water-based, with earth,

wind and fire as secondary elements.


It is a warm and powerful material, simple and therefore wonderful. 


Some of you may be wondering where does such an idea come from?

Is it a traditional custom? 
The answer is NO.

But my history with magic wands is ancient, in fact,

for many years of my life

I was a "craftlady" and sold my products on the road.


I set up my store in different festivals, fairs, craft markets and  made and sold: 

 professional flying brooms, potions (incense), herbal  jewelery ... and especially magic wands.


Unheard of in this century and era, but I did it, I traveled a lot and it worked. 

The first time I showed up at a fair with a magic wand stand I myself doubted the result, such a peculiar product!

I finished that same event without a wand,

with people knocking on the window of my car because they wanted one!

An extraordinary success! Which followed for a few years giving me time to understand why this object attracts so much attention, and I understood! 

Because the archetipic image of the magic wand exists in all of us.

Because it comes from fairy tales and people want to dream and play and

because this object directly engages the inner child of each.

Anyone who has approached my store, even the most serious and composed gentleman, has ended up leaving with a smile, if nothing else of amazement!


So I sincerely believe that the idea of transferring the concept onto a wooden spoon and bringing it into the kitchen comes from this experience and these reflections.

In short, we really do create our own reality, so why not add a little bit of wonder... like in a fairy tale. 

There are those who think that when you believe something it becomes true.



Each of us is a magic cook,

it's just a matter of being aware of it.

To prepare a magic dish you will need:

a clear intention

a good recipe

a wooden spoon

a short and portable list of the symbolic properties of  the ingredients, like this book.


I share a recipe, to make the idea:



A sauce of sun-dried TOMATOES, BASIL AND GARLIC.

A dish that wishes Love Enough in everyone's life!


The TOMATO resembles a heart and to the things of the heart is bound.

BASIL invokes courage, strength of spirit and helps to progress positively in life even in the face of obstacles and dangers.
GARLIC offers us gifts of healing, protection, abundance and purification.


So in this sauce is made of:

(Tomato)-  love to fill the heart

(Basil)- courage, strength of spirit and obstacle removal

(Garlic)- protection and abundance of all this


(It is the intention that matters!)


Using the Personal Spoon gives it a ritualistic touch.

And that's how a cream of sun-dried tomatoes becomes a magic potion! 

You have to unleash your creativity, I assure you,

guaranteed laughter!




200 g of sun-dried tomatoes
100 g of capers
10 basil leaves
half a clove of garlic
evo oil to taste
1 glass of white vinegar


Soak the sun-dried tomatoes in a solution of water and vinegar

(1.5 liters of water to 1 glass of white vinegar)

for about 3 hours so that they lose their excess salt and soften.


Also wash the capers under running water to remove the salt.
Rinse the tomatoes and dry them with paper towels.

Transfer them to a blender, add the garlic, basil and capers, drizzle with oil and blend until a thick sauce is obtained.

The sun-dried tomatoes paté is ready.

It can be accompanied with raw vegetables, bread, crackers,pasta,

or with what you prefer.


Have a Good Meal...Share the Magic! 


Love to Taste 



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