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Love to Taste

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All life is sacred!… that's how the Magic Chef discovers the secret, a flower can be a precious ally and a powerful instrument.






All life is sacred!… that's how the Magic Chef discovers the secret, a flower can be a precious ally and a powerful instrument.


Have you ever seen a flower meadow at high altitude in summer? 
In the high mountains, where the air is clean and nature is still pure and wild, each season colours the landscape in its own way

and Mother Nature is a very good painter! 

I was born in the Alps, in autumn, when everything is red, yellow and orange, when nature is preparing for winter.
Winter in the mountains is snowy and the snow, when there is a lot of it, transforms the landscape. Everything is white, pure and rounded.

The snow smoothes out corners, softens sounds and smells fresh, clean, wintery. When it melts, it is spring.

The season of rebirth, of green coming back, shining, pulsating,

of buds and of the first flowers called snowdrops.
And summer!

During this season, nature shows itself in all its beauty and richness.

It is lush, abundant, prosperous. 
And in the high mountains, a multitude of wild flowers colour the meadows, giving us a breathtaking spectacle.

When Mother Nature blossoms she gives herself, to those who know how to look.


Flowers are such a concentration of grace and perfection that just looking at them and touching them nourishs the soul, like art. 

Another place where I have been able to admire nature at its best is a small island in the centre of the Mediterranean,

called Minorca,  or Nura, the island of fires. 
A magical location, alive, animated by an ancient and sacred spirit. 
A silent spot, where nature predominates and tells us ancient stories that smell of sea, travel, earth and fire. 
When this island blossoms we can witness a unique concert of colours, scents and harmony.

But flowers are not only beautiful to admire and kind to indulge in all their  elegance, they also test good!

When they arrive into the kitchen they bring joy, when they decorate our dishes they make our guests smile and when they are the main ingredient of our recipes they strengthen our health! 




To grasp and understand the powers of flowers, we'll talk about Dr. Edward Bach.

I'm sure we've all heard of him at least once, of the synthesis flowers or Bach flowers.


Bach knew that there is an enormous force/energy in nature and that the flower concentrates in itself an extraordinary power:

all the strength of the plant!


Every living thing is infused with energy, life force or Divine.

It is not possible to see or touch this energy but, like the air one breathes, it is indispensable for life.


The healing power of flowers is contained in their special energetic qualities.

The energetic structure of each flower is unique, as are its characteristics.

Flowers are therefore a kind of "concentrated energy.”


It can be said that they encapsulate the energy structure or vibration of the plant from which they come.


Since we know that in every plant there is Vital/Divine, we recognize flowers as concentrates of clean, divine, pure energy whose strength of vibrations give us the ability to increase our energies and open the channels of communication with the spiritual world.



A simple way to use flowers is to prepare magic water soaked in their powers.
Just fill a container with water, put a few handfuls of petals and herbs, depending on the properties we intend to draw on.
Let them rest covered with a cloth for at least an hour having the courage to mix them vigorously from time to time.

This water can be used to make a "limpia", an energetic cleaning, for the house or for our person during the shower or bath.


Which flowers are edible?

Almost all!

But pay attention:

Flowers should not be treated with fungicides and should preferably be picked away from busy streets or places that are somehow polluted with harmful substances.


This small notebook will provide you with a complete list of the most common edible flowers and a brief description of their symbolic qualities. 


To those who ask themselves whether or not it is right to pick wild flowers, I say to be moderate, pick them wisely, do not over harvest the area.


Whe you first start to work with flowers in the kitchen,

it is common to use them to decorate plates, to garnish them. 

Some people manage to use them in them recipes to create unique dishes.

I am a fan of TWIGG STUDIOS

check them website:

their work is full of love! 

Like this beautiful violet cake! 
So much harmony in simplicity! 

How do you make the base for a salty pie? 
I use my mother's recipe, called THE TWO FOUR SIX 
which is: 
2  OIL

Take a spoon as unit of measurement, and keep these proportions, simple, effective and delicious!

Try it to believe it! 
For the fillings, lots of imagination, or what's left in the fridge!


Flowers can therefore be used in the preparation of many dishes, including cakes, salads, desserts, soups, drinks and pasta! 
It's always Twigg Studios that gives us the beauty of egg pasta with wild flowers! 
Love to Taste adores this recipe, in my magic kitchen it would have a specific name, like: Cheerful puff pastry or Pasta everything is perfect as it is! 




If there is a good recipe for making egg pasta, it is the one handed down in my family!

Because it is not only a good dough, it is light, easily digestible, very thin, delicate. 
It gives me great pleasure to share it with you, it's worth a try! 


EGGS PASTA (lasagne, tagliatelle, ravioli ecc. )


1 whole egg


100 g of flour.

So 500 g of flour and 5 whole eggs.

Very easy! 



How Twigg Studios gets the flowers in there I don't know...but I'm going to try! I hope you do the same, and whoever does, please leave a comment.


Flowers can come into our homes, not only to decorate the rooms, but also to the kitchen and finally to our plates, giving us a bit of their joy.
Here are 5 flowers chosen from the list of my notes that you will find in this small, simple text called Love to Taste. 


The daisy helps us to enter into communion with the Spirit of Nature and it stimulates wisdom.

Daisiesare a beautiful decoration for all dishes and speak to us of goodness of spirit, candour and innocence. This is the flower of purity par excellence.

Purity of body, spirit and mind.

No evil can disturb the soul and conscience of those who consume it.


The dandelion brings gifts of healing and longevity, protecting and purifying.

Its flowers, bound to the sun and gold, increase wealth and donate powers of protection and purification.


Lavender brings us a message linked to mythical feelings, friendly love, affection, sweetness and beauty.

As a symbol of purity, virtue and serenity, this flower is able to attract positive energies and joyful, sincere and loyal love.

The ancient Greeks used it in purification rites to ward off all kinds of negativity and to promote joy and the attainment of inner peace. Lavender relaxes.


These yellow bell-shaped flowers are very much used in the kitchen, precious ingredients in the preparation of a lucky charm dinner.

The intense yellow colour that distinguishes them brings us back to the

symbolism of the sun and its strength, as well as the colour of gold, symbol of prosperity and abundance.


Popular tradition says that the rose was the favourite flower of witches.

The rose is the queen of flowers and the power of the plant, on a magical level, is all in the flower.

It is capable of attracting good luck in everything that has to do with feelings.

The rose speaks to us of charm, seduction, passions… and as we know these do not know half measures.

Rarely the rose is used alone, it must always be accompanied by other plants.


Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.

– Luther Burbank.


Today I live in Holland, in Amsterdam, a city I love very much!

Indeed without a doubt my favourite city, to which I promise to devote an entire article.

Amsterdam is full of flowers, I can buy them everywhere for very little money and in fact I never lack a bunch of flowers in my house.

Here there is a beautiful market of the same name: The flower market where it is really possible to find seeds and bulbs of the most varied qualities. 

It's a tourist attraction, but it's also atmospheric and undoubtedly colourful. 


-Flowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestows them. – Chinese Proverb.


Flowers have always inspired people by touching that part of the soul that brings us back to beauty, harmony, nature and sweetness.

Now let's hope they inspire our recipes too! 


con amore q.b

Love to taste

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