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Love to Taste-Amore q.b.

Guide to the use of natural magic of herbs, flowers and fruits





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Amore q.b. 

Love to Taste
A complete guide to the use of Natural Magic
of Herbs, Flowers and Fruits




Amore q.b. 

Love to Taste The Book


An enchanted journey, between traditions and beliefs,

to bring magic to the table.


What is the Magic Cuisine?

It is about cooking with the awareness that food

can convey emotions and intentions,

knowing the symbolic value of ingredients.


What is needed to make a Magic Recipe?

A clear intention

A good recipe

A wooden spoon

A list of the symbolic properties of the ingredients:

that you will find in this small great book.

“When a Cook

he also becomes a Magic Chef,

every ingredient, every spice,

every smell is blessed

and his spirit invoked,

the kitchen turns into a temple,

becomes a sacred place

and this is his kingdom.” cit.


A practical manual

that combined with

a wooden spoon

becomes a kit

and allows anyone to play

transforming each dish 

in a potion with intent...



Prepare a protection dish,

perhaps before a trip or an important interview,

or an aphrodisiac dinner to revive a sleepy relationship,

you can cook a health dish to recover a flu

or one that warms when the heart asks for it.


In this practice each ingredient is used for its symbolic value.


In this way an onion can help us to face a complex situation,

a chickpea soup to recociliate with a relative,

a coffee can reveal secrets,

celery and rhubarb are the plants of our ancestors

and connect us to an energy that sustains us,

the strawberries remind us that we are ONE,

cherries strengthen the unions..... and so on.


Your main tools are the simplest ingredients

and each recipe,

as you know it,

is potentially a magic potion!





This book is therefore a cookbook and it is also a book of magic.
Together we will turn cooking into a fun game
where every culinary recipe becomes a magic potion.
We will discover that plants, flowers and fruit can be powerful allies,
keepers of an ancient wisdom that tells the story of the world and of humans.
Cooking will become an act of creative meditation.

There is an energy that animates all that is,
the same energy that makes a seed become a tree.
The one that makes the sun come up every morning,
the one that permeates everything and that transforms everything.
We'll call it Life or Divine.
We could say that this force is the essence of everything,
the central core around which everything takes shape;
as if to say: we are all different manifestations of the same force…

It is wise to consider that if Life permeates the entire Universe,
then it's also in the flowers and the trees, in the storm, in the creatures of the woods, in the fish of the rivers, and certainly it is in Us!
Life, in all its forms, however it manifests itself, from the sky to You, passing through this book or your computer, unites us, men, animals, plants and things, on the path that we lead.

Chapter 1

Magic Cooking


As Italian children, we spent time in the kitchen with the women of our family. On holidays one thing was certain, we would eat something special!
What those women did was much more than cooking, they put their love and time in the food.

Cooking is an alchemical art. Mixing, adding elements, and ingredients in a wise way and cooking them, transforming them.
Here is a simple example, when we combine flour and water we obtain bread. We practice the Law of Conservation of Mass whereby nothing is created, nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed.

The culinary art deserves our most sincere respect. It is the practice that takes care of our physical sustenance and our health, and when cooking becomes a magic art it also nourishes our spirit with awareness...


Chapter 2

Green Herbs


The green herbs we will be treating are almost all easily available.
We can grow them in the garden, in pots on our windowsills or we can buy them in herbalists and specialist shops.
Others are common spices found at the supermarket.

If we grow them, we will be able to talk to them, caress them and fill them with loving attention, ensuring a beautiful, happy and powerful plant.
Plants expand their energy all around, they are a form of life, a spiritual presence able to interact with the surrounding environment.
Wild plants, found in nature, are doubly charged with power. The power of the plant increases in proportion: the more the place where it is born and grows is uncontaminated, the more effective it will be.
The juniper picked by us in a forest will obviously be more powerful than the berries we can buy in the shop...





The King of the Mediterranean tradition.
Basil is a powerful and versatile plant. It invokes courage, strength of spirit and helps to progress positively in life even in the face of obstacles and dangers.
It is an excellent protective plant! It purifies by eliminating unwanted energy and attracts protection.
Moreover, this fragrant plant is considered a powerful ingredient in love potions.
It is said that one leaf is enough to add magic between two lovers! A good pasta with pesto can be the perfect course for a first date!
It is a wonderful habit to give our guests a basil plant as a wish for good luck.

A fragrant spice native to India, cardamom has stimulating and aphrodisiac powers!
It can overwhelm us with passion, it is a fundamental ingredient of erotic cuisine.


The chili peppers are spiking! Spicy is an adjective often used outside of the kitchen and chili peppers can actually make a lot more than a course spicy! Connected to fire and the secrets of passion, hot pepper is considered a valuable aphrodisiac ingredient giving strength and vigor. Popular tradition teaches us that the chili pepper croissant provides total protection from outside interference, it was custom to hang them inside and outside the house. Today we use the famous croissant that is hung around the neck or in the car. (I am not sure what this famous croissant is)


The Celts considered this plant to be charged with magical powers able to drive away any spell. It is an excellent ingredient for dishes of protection.
Chives also work on a physical level, fortifying and stimulating healing.


The aroma that warms!
Cinnamon is easily recognizable by its warm and unmistakable scent, bringing gifts of good luck and prosperity. It is a love plant and aphrodisiac. It rekindles the dormant senses giving sweetly spicy emotions. This bark also evokes protection and inner peace.


Small and tasty, cloves are a widespread ingredient that add reinforcement to the powers of the other ingredients by elevating them to maximum power...



Chapter 4 

Flower Power

All the flowers listed here are as edible as a common vegetable. We will learn to use them in the kitchen to colour our dishes and nourish our subtle bodies.

Flowers should not be treated with fungicides and should preferably be picked away from busy streets or places that are somehow polluted with harmful substances.

To those who ask themselves whether or not it is right to pick wild flowers, I say to be moderate, pick them wisely, do not over harvest the area. Reflect on the fact that at the end of the journey it will be our own bodies that will nourish the earth.

This is the natural cycle of life...


In ancient times this plant was considered a symbol of wisdom and rebirth, of the link
between the physical and metaphysical worlds. This flower stimulates the passage from ignorance to knowledge.


The broom flowers attract prosperity and abundance while representing the qualities of humility and simplicity. This plant also protects against negative influences when planted in the garden by keeping them away.







Chapter 5



The apple is the protagonist of many tales and stories.
From the apple of Adam and Eve, which represents knowledge,
to the poisoned apple of Snow White. This fruit has always been inspiring men.
Cutting an apple in half, we notice that the seeds are arranged in
a five-pointed star, a magical symbol of immortality.
The apple can be called divine in a literal sense. It is a magical ingredient,
able to empower the other ingredient’s properties.
An apple-based dish guarantees good mood and cheer!


Apricots are a summer fruit. Sweet, soft, their skin is almost velvety.
In the center they keep a seed pampered by the pulp of the fruit.
This fruit sweetens the spirits and opens the hearts.
Is a plant of Love, a love plant with a slight
aphrodisiac note...


Bring gifts of passion, beauty, amiability, abundance, prosperity, fertility and intuition.
This fruit stimulates passionate love.
It takes exactly nine months for an avocado to grow from flower to ripe fruit, just like the time of human gestation.


Brings good mood and is a fruit of longevity.
His message speaks to us of fertility, power and cheerfulness...


Chapter 6

Vefetables and Legumes


The artichoke is also called thistle. This fruit comes from a beautiful purple flower that really draws attention. The heart of the artichoke is the most tender and flavourful part, protected by a group of stinging leaves.
This fruit asks us to bring our attention to the essential. To know how to recognize it, to go to the heart of even the most pungent questions.
The artichoke gives strength, courage and great protection.
To be served and eaten when something disturbs our tranquillity, they help resolve discord.


Asparagus offer themselves as a wish for good luck, prosperity, success and even children!
In short, each asparagus is a sort of pawn for happiness.
If they invite you to dinner and offer you asparagus it means that everything will go smoothly, in the present and in the future.


Beans are said to help strengthen willpower!
These legumes bring the strength necessary to make one's dreams come true and achieve one's goals. Beans ward off fear.





Bread has a secular history, rich in wisdom, poetry, art and faith. 
Bread is a sacred food, whose history moves between superstition,
faith and legend.
It embraces the whole evolution of mankind, from the day long ago when our ancestors were amazed to discover it until today.

Bread is found in 1000 varieties. It is a sign of heritage and culture, of the multiplicity of the different peoples who inhabit the earth. Each with its own creed, its own custom and tradition. 
The types of bread on the market are endless, different by region or state. Born from the human fantasy of mixing flour, water, yeast and sometimes some additional ingredients.
From the importance of bread as food in the past, derived the tradition of kissing the bread when it falls on the ground. Of collecting the crumbs,
not "playing with it,” crumbling it with a fork. 
Bread, the first food that should never be missing on the table in every home.
We should avoid throwing it away, instead we should use it in other ways... 


Olive Oil


Have a good meal !

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